Welcome to Power Plan Solutions


Power Plan Solutions is an engineering consultancy specialising in the optimisation of HVAC performance and the application of low carbon technologies in the built environment.


We work in partnership with our clients on design and delivery of HVAC infrastucture to reduce energy consumption, maximise HVAC process efficiency, enhance comfort and ensure environmental compliance.


Using our partners' in-depth HVAC process knowledge and skills, an understanding of low carbon technologies, our rigorous approach to problem-solving and advanced software tools, our solutions are always practical and cost-effective. With extensive experience in project management PPS ensure successful delivery of projects from design through to completion.


Power Plan is a CIBSE approved, accredited energy assessor. We have unrivalled HVAC applications expertise gained from over 20 years across a variety of commercial and industrial sectors, with client projects ranging from Heathrow Terminal 5 heat recovery systems to carbon footprinting GSK’s headquarters.